Have you ever been attacked by a COCONUT FREAKS?

Please visit our coconut freaks gallery:

Dancing coconut eyes
Normal coconut have three eyes, or two eyes and one mouth according to people perception and cultures. No more, no less; except if they are coconut freaks...

One eyed coconut
Two eyed coconut
Three eyed (normal) coconut
Three and half eyed coconut
Four eyed coconut
Four and half eyed coconut
Five eyed coconut
Twin coconut fruits
Twin coconuts

Horned coconuts

Branched coconut palms
When you own such a rare palm and when or before it fell down, it is possible to take separately each of the branch, cut two third of the existing leaves and replant in the soil with good watering and shading. New roots will appear on the stem. Please avoid to loose a so precious coconut freak!

Branched coconut - Two branches.
Branched coconut - Three branches
Branched coconut - Four branches
Branched coconut - branches (In India, and may be in Thailand...)
Branched coconut - 14 branches coconut palm from Maalhos island, Baa, in Maldives.

All other kinds of coconut freaks

A palm bearing about 5000 coconuts in the same time in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Coconut with flat and large spikelets
The Cook Island "Seven in one"
Banana-shaped coconut
Coconut with very large mouth
Pora Pol coconut whith hard and thick shells
Square coconuts
Undersea coconut
Holey coconut palms