Two-eyed coconuts

By Dr R. Bourdeix, click on the pictures to enlarge them ...

Normal coconuts have three round indented markings or "eyes"... These coconuts have only two !

They are real coconuts found in Africa. They belongs to the private collection of Dr R. Bourdeix, in Montpellier, France.
There is no coconut palm producing regularly this kind of such a strange coconuts.

Two eyed coconut are rare; it occurs no more than one time within several hundreds of normal coconut. 

They are known as "Ekaakshi Nariyal" in India.

Some Indian people call it "one eyed coconut", because they say normal coconut have a mouth and two eyes (when we said three eyes),
so "Ekaakshi Nariyal" have a mouth and one eye
(when we say two eyes).

In 2016, "Ekaakshi Nariyal" coconuts are sold
in an Indian internet site: