Two coconuts fused by the Husk!

By Dr Roland Bourdeix, click on the picture to enlarge...

This double fruit was found by Dr Roland Bourdeix in heap sold by the Marc Delorme Research Station in Ivory Coast during the year 1999. Its variety is unknown; there is more than 60 different coconut varieties available in this research center, and this twin fruit was taken from a heap of fruits harvested in the germplasm collection and sold to private stakeholders.

The fruit was splitted in two. The kernel was removed and the fruit was let to dry during two monthes. It was then given to the luxury craft business named "Couleur bois" in Abidjan, 
Who prepared, polished and treated  it with a marine varnish.

Dr Michel de Nuce de Lamothe
Dr R. Bourdeix gave one half of this fruit, as retirement gift, to Dr Michel de Nuce de Lamothe, former coordinator of the COGENT network, Former General Director of CIRAD and AGROPOLIS, and former head of Coconut Research Division of IRHO.  The other half of the double coconut remains the private collection of Dr Roland Bourdeix.

To date, this double coconut is on the only of its kind worldwide. Please note that the term "Double coconut" is commonly used to describe the