8 branches coconut palms

Following the publication of information about the first 3 headed coconut palm, pictures of multi-headed coconut palms where sent to us.
One of the nicest image was sent to us by Luigi Guarino, with the mysterious name of "Rajnesh Sant"; It seems to be, at least, a nice 6 headed coconut tree but nobody knows where is located this palm. It seems to be a secret...

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It seems that this palm is finally located in Kozhenchery, Kerala, at 105 km south of Kochi

Another famous 8 headed coconut palm was described by Marc Rombaud in the Island of Ko Samui. Up to now, there is no good picture available. This palm is well known as a tourist attraction. In the past some information can be found (but is no longer available)  at this URL address: http://www.samuitourism.com/attractions/coconut_tree.htm

So, to anybody having a confirmed good picture of the Ko Samui 8 headed coconut palm, please send it to us!

When you own such a palm and when it fell down, it is possible to take separately each of the branch, cut two third of the existing leaves and replant in the soil with good watering. Please this will avoid to loose a so precious coconut freak!